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CNN’s 7 Tips for Taking Better Selfies

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Everyone is taking selfies these days, who isn’t? The advancement of smartphone photography, and social media trends that seem to popularize selfies are just two of the key factors that have contributed to this culture. When it comes to taking selfies, people want to make sure that they’re getting the ultimate shot, and there are several ways to do just that. In this article, we highlight a number of better-selfie tips previously featured by CNN’s Heather Kelly.

  • Be composed – this is the first and most important tip. Most of the selfie is about you and how you look, not about the camera or technology you used to take the photo. You’ll want to be your calm-self, and as well invest a couple of seconds to make sure that you’re looking good.
  • Background Check – think of a selfie like a movie, only that you’re the star in this movie. This means that you ought to take note of what’s behind you. Before you hit the capture button, take the time to look around and see what’s in your surroundings. If there are any odd objects, you might want to either remove them or change the background before they ruin your selfie.
  • Pull in Guest Stars – if you happen to be in an event and you realize you’re seated next to someone popular, such as a celebrity or a well-known politician, ask them whether they’re game for a group selfie. Most likely, they’ll be in with a big Yes.
  • Fix your face – pig nose and duck-face are not particularly popular trends in the selfie world. You’ll also want to do away with the pointy forehead and beefy shoulders. Luckily, you can prevent this misfits from ruining your selfie. But how? Make sure that your head is tilted down enough that you don’t capture the inside of your nose, or turning your forehead more than 30 degrees in any direction. All the same though, don’t focus too much on being attractive, as this can actually get in the way to a cool selfie.
  • Try on a style – this is perhaps one of the most interesting tips you’ll ever get. If you have a way of posing while taking photos that’s only reflective of you, go right ahead and create the identity!
  • Follow the trends – Yes! There are a lot of new trends cropping up regarding how to take selfies. Follow these trends, learn from the best, and improve your selfie-photography every day!
  • Be Smart About Timing – remember to take a selfie in good taste. Don’t just capture a photo with a background of other people and then make a bad comment about them. Be sure to do it good, and keep everything jovial and positive!

In addition to these key tips, you might also want to equip yourself with a Bluetooth selfie stick, ( ) which is a handy accessory that brings convenience to your everyday selfie-capturing.

Things You Need to Take a Good Selfie

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Looking to take a good selfie? This post highlights a couple of the things you need to make sure that your selfie is the best form of itself.

  • Get a Good Smartphone – the smartphone is the primary tool used to take selfies by most people. Most definitely, you’re going to need a smartphone that has a good quality selfie camera to be able to make the best out of it. If you’re using an older smartphone model, it’s worth noting that some older ones do not even have front cameras. You might take comfort in the fact that you’ll be able to edit a bad quality photo after it’s been taking, but you can’t hide the fact that’s it’s not great quality.
  • Appropriate lighting – I might have to repeat this a thousand times, with good reasons. Good lighting is important. Natural light is especially great if you’re looking to have a fantastic selfie. Make sure that the setting where you’re going to capture your selfie has enough natural lighting. If you’re doing it indoors, you might as well want to make sure that your positioning has enough light to make a good photo possible.
  • Don’t Use Facial Expressions – this might be a controversial one, but it sure makes great sense. If you’re overdoing your smile or making a great deal of effort to look good with your facial expressions, that’s just what you get. People are going to be able to see through the photo and note that you were trying too hard to get it right! Well, nobody wants that with their selfies!
  • Try Different Angles – try as many different angles as you can. Just finding the right angle can go a long way towards making sure that your selfie is the best version of itself. You might want to try third party accessories such as monopods to add to your flexibility and convenience when you’re trying different angles.
  • Get a Photo Editing App – no matter how good you get at capturing selfies, you’ll certainly need to make a tweak or two here and there. That’s why it helps to have a good photo editing app sitting somewhere on your smartphone. This will allow you to quickly make any modifications that you might need to before you post your photo to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media profiles for that matter.
  • Don’t Over-Edit – while editing your photos can help enhance them, it’s not necessarily something you want to overdo. Adding too many filters and doing too much editing definitely will lead to a photo that’s unrecognizable as you. Most times, this really reflects bad on you and might lead to ridicule on social media.